Anna Velychko

Welcome… My name is Anna and I’m using she/her pronouns. I am a trauma therapist exploring the intricacies and complexities of psychosomatic interplay. I work with adults with the intention of witnessing and connecting with the human beyond symptoms, embodying cognitions, and developing a relationship with oneself liberated from anger and shame. My therapeutic presence is guided by bioenergetic analysis, somatic experiencing, and psychodynamic theories.

As of 2022, I completed the 3-year Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute Program, which gives me specialized experience working with attachment ruptures, developmental and systemic trauma. The main focus of my work is to create space for acknowledging and working through the impacts of oppression whether it’s systemic oppression or turning against oneself. Together we work on increasing awareness and insight around the manifests of internal pain and anguish, such as anxiety, depression, loss of meaning and self-trust, identity confusion, fear of life and connection with others, diminution of sexual expression, chronic pain, dissociation, and numbness.

To connect with my sense of being, I practice yoga, Five Rhythms, learn pottery and interior design, and read psychoanalytically informed literature. I earned MS in Social Work with an emphasis on the psychodynamics of reproductive health, and a BA in Psychology. My training experiences include yoga teacher training, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center (PPSC), the Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT), and Elmhurst Hospital.

I invite you to reach out to me.
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