Baiyu Chen

Before I came to New York, I was a lecturer in medical school and a neuroscientist. I was interested in the wonders of the brain from a scientist’s point of view. My focus, over the last decade, has shifted from the brain to the mind. I think of psychotherapy – and, in particular, the psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis I practice – as a profound journey of understanding of oneself. Its purpose is to help people to understand feelings, behaviors, and habits that are troubling to them and to enrich their lives with new creativity, more fulfilling careers, and more meaningful relationships.

I work with individuals and couples, adults and children. I work with people who suffer from depression, anxiety, phobias, childhood and more recent traumas, addictions, physical complaints that have no physiological explanations, and many other difficulties. I work with people facing difficult decisions in their lives, whether about their careers or relationships.

I am fluent in English and in my native language, Mandarin.


我毕业于北京医科大学(现北京大学医学部)临床专业,香港大学医学院理学博士。目前在纽约现代弗洛伊德心理分析学院接受心理分析师培训,拥有纽约州立心理分析师执照(Licensed Psychoanalyst)。我与成人、青少年及儿童工作。我擅长的方向包括焦虑、抑郁、恐惧症、强迫症、家庭关系、童年创伤、职场受挫、以及心理原因导致的躯体疾病、等等。种族、性别、年龄及性取向不限。

You can read more about me on my Psychology Today profile, here.

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