Noël Bohl-Fabian

My approach to therapy is individualized, person-centered, and relational. I believe that the physical body holds immense wisdom, and can be an excellent starting point for bridging the space between our thoughts and feelings. I believe that healing occurs when we can find ways to articulate, express, and connect with our embodied experiences. Integration is a word I emphasize in my work to describe the healing effects of talk therapy. By talking through unprocessed and/or unconscious thoughts, emotions and memories, you will begin to integrate those experiences by mending them into your conscious mind.

I am a New York State-licensed social worker. I earned my MSW at Columbia University and a BA from Barnard College. I have experience working with sexual and reproductive health, children and families, as well as addiction, substance abuse, and chronic illness. Most of my clients come to me with complaints of anxiety and depression, in addition to relationship problems; however, I treat a variety of other concerns. I am interested in helping you find effective ways of coping with stress and cultivating a strong sense of personal empowerment.

You can read more about me on my web site, here, or you can reach me at