Services offered

Individual therapy

We offer therapy to individuals. We work using a variety of modalities, but all of us work psychodynamically – which means we are interested in the unconscious, in conflicts within us that may hold us back, or contribute to symptoms. Some of us also work psychoanalytically, seeing patients multiple times a week, achieving a depth of understanding and experience that can produce transformative change.

Couples therapy

Many of us work with couples, addressing relationship challenges and the ways that the struggles of individuals can contribute to making relationships even harder.

The kinds of problems we work with

We work with patients with all sorts of problems. A partial list of the areas of experience and expertise of our clinicians follows, but it’s only a partial list. Whatever your challenge, it’s unlikely you’re alone – and it’s unlikely we haven’t worked with people struggling with something similar (even if that’s hard for you to imagine). We have experience with: