Sukey Bernard

I see therapy as a generative process that can help people gain access to their innate power, dynamism and truth.

In our work, I offer a non-judgmental curiosity, accompanying you on deep exploration of your life–in present and in past. Together we put words to, and make room for, the full range of your complex, sometimes contradictory-feeling thoughts, emotions, fears and desires. Over time, many find that this process helps them feel lighter, more empowered in their relationships, and more engaged in the world as they’d like to be.

I have a special focus in working with adolescents and adults who identify as LGBTQIA+, those in creative fields, and people seeking support with challenges related to complex trauma, PTSD, gender identity, oppression and loss. I also work with people struggling with shame, disconnection, career stress, or those with a felt sense that they’re not where they’d like to be. I bring special attention to the way power and identity impact us all, and welcome patients from all backgrounds.

My approach is informed by psychoanalysis, family systems, interpersonal and behavioral therapies. That said, no one treatment looks exactly the same. We’ll collaborate on designing a plan specific to you.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, or to schedule an intake. I look forward to meeting you.