Michla Ekstein

As a licensed social worker, I have received my master’s degree from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work. My past internships in diverse clinical settings have enabled me to be a non-judgmental, attentive listener while creating a safe space for my clients, and I approach them with the attention, compassion, and commitment they deserve.

Having been raised in both London and Brooklyn, and in both cases within a traditional religious community, I have a particular interest in working with members of the Chassidic community. I’m fluent in English and Yiddish, which provides me with a unique ability to communicate with and understand the challenges faced by people who are part of, or who grew up in, similar settings.

While I specialize in issues concerning females and couples therapy, I am well-versed in various modalities including psychoanalysis, CBT, couples therapy, substance use and addiction. I also have an interest in women’s issues, relationships, depression, anxiety and gender identity.

You can read more about me on my Psychology Today profile, here.

I look forward hearing from you. My phone is 347-292-9070. My e-mail is Mcekstein@gmail.com.