Josh Wolf-Powers

My office is a warm, weIcoming, safe place to explore depression, anxiety, shame, compulsion, out-of-control behaviors and addiction, and trauma and abuse. I have worked in competitive and highly demanding professional environments, just like my patients. I’m interested in your experience of the world today and in the troubles you face. I listen deeply, closely, intently, with non-judgmental curiosity, and see our work together as a laboratory. If we are successful, together, we will confront your challenges and increase your sense of what’s possible in life.

I have a BA from Columbia University, and an MBA and an MSW from New York University. I am a licensed clinical social worker, and am pursuing psychoanalytic training (I’m an “advanced candidate”) at the Psychoanalytic Training Institute of CFS.

I’m affiliated with the Sexuality, Attachment, and Trauma Project, and I’m the director of the Sexuality, Attachment, and Trauma Network. The SAT Project provides treatment to people struggling with out-of-control sexual behavior or “sexual addiction,” conducts research, and offers continuing education to clinicians. The SAT Network is a global network of clinicians who work psychodynamically with adults struggling with out-of-control or “ego-dystonic” or problematic sexual behavior.

You can read more about me on my web site, here.

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